NordicDens – jewel-like quality

We founded the NordicDens dental laboratory in 2011, in order to provide top quality service with a more personal approach at friendly prices. The technicians who are ready to serve you have at least 9 years of experience.

Also recognised in the Nordic countries

Today, the dental laboratory that unites the best specialists are known and recognised at home and abroad, especially in the Nordic countries.

According to our cooperation partners, our trump is our friendly attitude, precision and reliability, as well as the masterful solution of the most difficult cases.

Technical dental jobs from A to Z

We do everything starting with repairing fractures to making extremely complicated lock fastenings. We always use high-quality materials and high-tech solutions to ensure the best result for the patient in cooperation with the dentist or orthodontist.

We pay special attention to various pressed trays. Pressing technology is no longer anything new, but a technician in our lab was one of the first to start using it in Estonia.

Anti Põldoja
dental technician

Kaupo Unt
dental technician

Liisi Pert
dental technician

Claudia Soomre

Gethe Reinvald