The bright-eyed dental technicians at the NordicDens dental laboratory sincerely wish to help the patients.

We can do this thanks to our current and future cooperation partners, whether you are a dentist or an orthodontist.

Every day we employ our best efforts to make sure the work done in our lab is of the highest quality. And we use the best materials and techniques to ensure this.

The experienced dental technicians at NordicDens do not back off from even the most difficult cases.

Put us to the test!

  • I have worked with NordicDens for four years. They do high-quality work and use up-to-date materials – all the orthodontic appliances fit the mouth easily. I think the prices are very friendly. Communications with the lab is fast and convenient. The work is always completed on time.

    Aiki Sits, Orthodontist

  • We’re satisfied! Fast and helpful service. High quality work and a comfortable fit. I appreciate it when the technician calls and checks back with me when additional information is needed. Always friendly and business-like cooperation!

    Kristiina Viltsin, Orthodontist

  • We have cooperated with NordicDens for three years and we are very satisfied. The work is done quickly and precisely. The nuances of an appliance can always be discussed with the technician, and versions differing from the standard can be designed together to give the patient a better fit. The NordicDens lab technicians are very responsible and flexible when it comes to completion dates. The end result is always high quality.

    Jelena Savvova, Orthodontist

  • I have cooperated with the NordicDens dental laboratory since 2012. Right after ordering the first orthodontic devices, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how quickly the braces could be applied to the patient’s mouth. That is, the device sits perfectly and little time is spent adjusting the braces.
    I also like the fact that I can connect the technician at any time in regard to the work and always get fast feedback. Even in the most unusual situation we have found a solution together.

    I truly hope that our cooperation will progress just as smoothly in the future.

    Katri Herman, orthodontist